Error Tutorial

sonneveld I've written a tutorial on all the different possible errors that you can get from the AGI interpreter, how they occur, ways to work around them and debugging tips.  It's not linked from any site at the moment because I'm still working on that.. but I'd like comments on this:  (it's kinda big though)  (but it's got pictures!)

Error & Debugging Tutorial

  1. Introduction
  2. Logic Errors
  3. Interpreter Errors
  4. Unacknowledged Errors
  5. Debugging Techniques
  6. Revision History

- Nick

df wow nick! nice job mate. IIRC, sarien doesnt do anything with setting vars if pics dont load, etc. it just dies nasty ;)

would be good to work on a side-by-side table, listing the error codes, etc and a Y/N for each interp, listed across the top..

hmm a definate place where sarien needs to improve.
sonneveld Thanks for the comments.. a table is actually a pretty good idea.  I'll look at it for the next version.

I've got plans for a memory, script and restart game tutorials as well.. but I'll probably just stick with the memory one at the moment, cause that's something that needs explaining.

Is there anything else that game developers need help/tutorials on?

- Nick
sonneveld that reminds me, hows work on the agi specs going by claudio?  the last I heard he was trying to convert it to docbook format.

- Nick