SCI1 pic resources

Robert Eric Can anyone tell me where I can find info on the format of the SCI1 pic resources? I just started programming again and I want to see if I can make my own program that shows SCI1 pics. I couldn't find it on the FreeSCI documentations.
AGI1122 Well unless Brian releases some docs on it... your going to have to hack the SCI1 picture resources and figure out how they work.
Robert Eric Great.

It'll be tough.
Eero R Couldn't SCI Decoder by Carl Muckenhoupt view SCI1 pics? There is a source code available for that one...
Robert Eric That IS helpful, but I was hoping that there was something documenting it's format, not giving me code that would read it, which is something I want to do myself.
Eero R You could do the documentation yourself, no? You've got enough information in the source of SCI Decoder... ;D
Robert Eric I could and probably will, but I'm surprised the people in FreeSCI who know more about it than I haven't done it yet.

P.S. You have a cool name
AGI1122 FreeSCI only supports SCI0 graphics at the moment, which is most likely why there is no docs on SCI1. ;)
Robert Eric "Code updates: Preliminary VGA support in Glutton"

But they've begun.
creichen Hi,

SCI1 pics are essentially the same as SCI0 pics, except that they use embedded views for foreground (visual map) images. I'm not entirely certain what the format is, but you're invited to have a look at the source code if you want to know.

Our docs are currently being ported from docbook SGML to LaTeX, so it may take a while to get the next update done.

-- Christoph
Brian_Provinciano I wrote SCI1 pic specs ages ago. I forget the exact link, but it's in this forum somewhere. Do a search.
Robert Eric I tried a search, but I never get anything. And I don't really feel like going through each page of threads looking for it. If you know the link or can find it, could you post it?

Edit: I've got the SCI0 pics down pretty well, so I should be able to get the SCI1 ones figured out soon.
Pikachu14 And here you go...

[s]There was another one like that...lemme look it up...[/s]