Need for better SND-converter!

Sami_Tervo I've come to conclusion that sound editors/composers made for AGI are either hard to use or incomplete.

Therefore I rather use real composing software (e.g. trackers) and then convert my products to AGI. But unfortunately one has to use many programs to convert if not using it2agi(shoo shoo Impulse Tracker!). And result ain't best when song has gone through 3-4 different apps..assuming that you can call it a song after that..

So, if anyone with programming skills would like to ease creating music & sounds for AGI, don't create new fancy editor and waste eternity to interface and all that, create a convertor which converts (popular) sound-formats like midi, xm and mod STRAIGHT to AGI and you've definetely left your sign to history of AGI.

I have spoken.
Robin_Gravel I have no problem using mf2rol and rol2snd programs
to make some sounds and musics. But having a win program to compile mid music to agi sound will be more easier.

All I need is the agi noise editor for my games.

I have spoken me too.

Robin Gravel
Kon-Tiki Those convertors have been hell indeed. I never got any song through them at all ::) but now that there's AGISE, I'm happy. I'm no musician, so I can't pull great songs out of it, but it's more than the convertors.
Sami, I know you don't like AGISE, along with some others because you find it too difficult. Maybe a combination of a convertor and AGISE would make the ultimate sound tool. One that can convert songs, then allow them to be adjusted or enables you to make a totaly new one from scratch.

Eero R I use Visual AGI without any problems... ::)
Joel I also find Visual AGI relatively easy to use.
Maybe a combination of a convertor and AGISE would make the ultimate sound tool.

Yeah, that's a quite good method Raf. But fixing, or actually recomposing, entirely a song which uses all sound tracks ain't too fun :P

* Keeps holding his thumbs up *
Zonkie I think it is the easiest to make a song in some windows program, export it as a midi file, and then convert it. Would it be possible to kind of put the converters together as a windows program and maybe make it a mod for programs like Capella or Finale NotePad so that there is a function "export to AGI" or so? I think making the converters into a single win program, so that you can convert straight from midi to snd, would already be a great advance.