Calling ALL Goldrush Fans

smartguy240 Hey guys, i made all the characters for goldrush on GOA...has anyone out there actually played this game and knows the name to a great deal or at least 1 of the characters? if you do...then could you PLEASE respond to this. Any names are fine. The characters that i need names for are:

(view numbers)

  • 000
  • 010
  • 026
  • 028
  • 029
  • 032
  • 037
  • 048
  • 067
  • 068
  • 070
  • 082
  • 083
  • 086
  • 090
  • 106
  • 127
  • 131
  • 169
  • 170

    your help will be OVERLY appreciated

    Thanksya! :)
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    smartguy240 ok and the corresponding View #?

    BTW: THX
    Patrick wrote:

    ok and the corresponding View #?

    BTW: THX

    Geez Patrick, your stupidity really shows now ;D
    smartguy240 OK not kidding...i seriously need this.
    Kon-Tiki I'll go and look at it. It's not so very long ago that I've played that game, so let's see how much of the names I can still remember (or figure out of the code ;D )

    Patrick wrote:

    OK not kidding...i seriously need this.

    I mean

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    Posted by: Patrick Posted on: Today at 12:36:52pm
    ok and the corresponding View #?

    BTW: THX

    Mr.T was seriously taking the piss...
    smartguy240 Thanks Raf im looking foward to this :-)
    Kon-Tiki 000: Jerrod (Main character ;) )
    010: Jerrod, traveling
    026: Mr. Quail
    028: Police Officer
    029: Homeowner
    032: Bank Teller
    037: Leonard
    048: Real estate agent
    067: Rand (not sure though)
    068: Sailor
    070: Grocery guy
    082: Labourer
    083: Labourer
    086: Midget from the Livery
    090: Boss
    106: Lady (husband left for California to find gold)
    127: Mule/ James' ol' mule
    131: Sailor
    169: Robber (?)
    170: Robber (?)

    Some of these characters appear randomly, adding a bit of life to the town. They don't have a real name, the game just says 'labourer', 'lady', etc.

    I'm not sure about the robbers. I think they randomly try and rob you when you're looking for gold at the American River, but I kinda forgot if I met them. They appear extremely rare.

    smartguy240 ok so the guy with the black jacket and the guy with the beard are the same guy?

    (000 and 010?)

    oh yeah

    [size=4]THANKS A HUNDRED MILLION[/size]
    SGreenslade I think number 67 is the the chairman or boss of the bank.

    Well, Kon-Tiki might be right. I've never talked to him, since I don't recall seeing him walk about brooklyn. I've only seen him in the bank itself, working at his desk.
    Kon-Tiki Can't be the boss of the bank. That's Mr. Quail. I've never seen him walk around as well, but Rand of the hardware store looks an awful lot like him, so I assumed it is him.
    And yep, the bearded man and the man in the black jacket are the same. Dude, just play the game :P

    Allen wrote:

    Patrick wrote:

    ok and the corresponding View #?

    BTW: THX

    Geez Patrick, your stupidity really shows now ;D

    Now excuse me while I'll piss my pants.
    smartguy240 ok tahnks raf