Question about get.key()

Randy I am working on an AGI game (hope there will still be a fanbase to play it when I'm done) and I've come across a problem I was hoping maybe you could help.

To initiate a fight scene, the user hits the 'F6' key. This replaces ego with a fighting character (object1) which animates according to 'F8' or 'F10'. When the user hits 'F6' again it reverts back to ego with full control again. During the view of the fighting version of ego, I am hoping to capture a keypress of the right/left arrow keys and reposition object1 accordingly. How would I make him move right or left one step at a time when the right/left arrow keys are pressed? Since those keys are reserved, I can't create a controller for them. How could this be done?

I would appreciate any ideas or advice for this. Thanks.
luke_scoffield When you go to the fight screen, as long as the ego is erased and start.motion(ego); you can still use the arrow keys to make things happen. For example:
 ...move object one, or set a different view....
Randy I'll give that a try. Hey, thanks for the quick response. Glad to see there is still a frequently visited messageboard that I can get help when I run stuck.