Corby Hello, I have this one picture I drew a long time ago that needs revising. Problem is when I try to load it in picedit the program crashes on me. I've had that same problem before with some pictures from my first game. I even tried converting it to .bmp then using vector to make a new one, but that didn't work either. If anyone has any solutons to this problem or if there is anyone I can download the picture file to, to fix it, that'd be great!
Joel Just out of curiosity, can you open the file in AGI Repeat? You can get it at my website,

Also, have you tried opening the file in the PicEdit that comes with Windows Linux AGI Studio?

I don't expect that doing so will fix the file, but you may be able to see what the problem is so that a solution can be recommended. You could also try sending the picture to me and I could step through loading it with some of the picture loading code I've written.
Corby Thanks Joel, nothing seems to work, I'll send it to you and see what you can do.
Thanks again!
Joel I pinpointed the problem to a Fill operation at x = 5, y = 46 on the priority screen with color 4. Color 4 is the dark red that is the default color for the priority screen. The PicEdit algorithm checks for whether to keep filling the priority screen based on whether the pixels surrounding the current fill pixel are dark red. Essentially, PicEdit was getting stuck in an infinite loop because it was filling with the color it uses to keep going.

Bottom line, in the future, take care to avoid using the Fill command while you have dark red selected as your priority color :)
Corby Thanks Joel, everything's working great now, thanks for your time!