Save failure error

gpm Does AGI Studio work with Windows 2000?  I just replaced Windows 98 with 2000, and now AGI Studio will not save logics correctly (will do everything else fine).  I've tried everything I can think of.. editing logics and saving, cut and paste code into a new logic, importing a text file into AGI Studio.. and I get the same error every time.  It says "failure to save" whenever I edit and save the code in AGI Studio, and when I import it adds the logic to the list but will not open it (something about a "text past end of file", which sounds like an incompatibility with Win2000)

Any thoughts or ideas on this?  I'm thinking about adding Windows 98 back onto my computer-- at least it worked then!!  But then I would have 2 MICROSOFT OS's on my system (the thought makes me cringe!)  :P
AGI1122 You already made a topic about this, and I answered in the other one.
Randy I noticed this same problem and was about to write a question about it. I just bought a new computer with Windows XP and everytime I try to save the logic, it says the path is invalid. It looks like it is throwing in an extra slash before the folder name "src". Almost as though it takes the current folder the game in progress is in and adds "/src/logic.*" However, XP and 2000 must be appending the slash by default at the end of the current folder so you get two slashes in the location which the program doesn't like.

Anyone got any advice on how to fix this? (or at least direct me to the title of the thread that does)

gpm Sorry for the double post.  My computer crashed in the middle of sending the message! D'oh!