Hank's Quest

HWM Hank's Quest
A new, completed, fan-made AGI game:


or go directly to the download area:

sonneveld wow!  the screenshots look great.  I'm going to check it out.

- Nick
AGI1122 Looks cool. I am going to put it up on my site along with a few other games next time I update it.
sonneveld Have you tried submitting the news to any of the other adventure game developer sites?  AGI might need the exposure.

- Nick
HWM Like?

btw: Sorry for the long delay, I exceeded my data-limit last month....
sonneveld http://www.adventuredeveloper.com/

I know there's others.

- Nick
sonneveld crap.. the site's down.. are there any plans of resurrecting the site?

- Nick
HwM Tripodnet changed URL's i suppose... So the new URL is:

There is a chance that the new adress doesn't work, since the promised redirection also doesn't.. It gives a "connection failed" here, but anyway.......

So please update your links (if you had any)....
HwM Since Tripod/Lycos decided to destroy our site with some ad that overlaps the whole mainpage, we've moved to:

Also, a new version of Hank's Quest is uploaded, for those who are interested. It contains the following bugfixes:

- Fixed some stupid spelling mistakes, grammar errors, etc.
- The notorious(?) "CALL [someone]" plot-hole is fixed
- More (logical) synonyms
- Besides "GIVE [someone] [object]", "GIVE [object] TO [someone]" is also available now (stupid bug)
- Little work on the German lesson scene
- Important! Tom can now be given objects!
- Wandering through the air in the backgarden isn't possible anymore
- The talkin' to pops and get points bug fixed

AGI1122 Hey, I had a request from somebody at my site for a walkthrough for Hank's Quest. Do you have one?
sonneveld Hey congrats.. I'll check it out when i have time.

have you had time to work on that other agi game?

- Nick
HwM About the solution:

Like stated in the FAQ: "Feel free to make one."

About the upcoming game:

We're working on it...