Problems With Picedit!!!

Corby Hi, I have a little problem.
I drew a picture using picedit on a different computer than the one I usually use, and now when I try to save the picture nothing happens. When I try to save to a specific directory such as c:\desktop\ it says there is no such directory. When I try to save to just c:\ nothing at all happens. Has anyone experience this? This has happened to me more than once. I ended up losing the picture each time. If it helps I was using pribands.pcx at the time. Thanks for your help.
BTW I'm leaving the computer on all night so I don't lose the picture.
-Corby ???
Corby Oh ya, I saved the picture using print screen, and it's in paint shop right now just in case. But it has the menu bar and stuff in the picture... oh well...
Zonkie I have had that problem a couple of times. I don't know exactly how I solved it, though, because I did several things. Which OS are you running PicEdit on? I remember encountering problems when using Win 2000. I think to solve it I checked that the PicEdit Files weren't accidentally read-only, and then I saved it to a floppy disk. I then changed back to windows with Alt-Tab, and checked if it saved on the disk. That way I tried a few things until it eventually worked. If all that doesn't work, copy an existing picture in the same directory and overwrite it with the new. That works most of the times I think.
Sorry I can't be more specific than that. Hope it helped, though.

Corby I tried those things but it didn't work. I'm using ms-dos, with windows NT i believe... I don't think i can save this picture so I'm going to have to convert it to a picture file from paint. Now what I need to know is what setting to I change the picture to in paint? Such as what length and width and resolution. I'm going to cut out the tool bars first.
Thanks for the help anyways Zonkie.
Zonkie I'm not sure whether you have to convert it to anything at all really, Vector might do that for you. Maybe this will help:;action=display;threadid=1878;start=0. It is a tutorial about how to draw pictures in paint, but it covers the palette and resolution things as well. Hope I helped a bit more this time ;).
Corby Woo! Vector saves the day! But now my pic is huge! Oh well.
Thanks Zonkie!
Zonkie No problem :). But I guess with more than 93 pictures already, one bigger one won't matter too much ;). Good luck still for the game (really looking forward to it :) )
Corby Thanks, I can't wait till this game is done either! It's gonna be great! 10 more pics to go!