Displaying values

Kon-Tiki Does anybody know how to display or print the value of a var? Both would be even better.

Eero R For example:

display(0,0,"You've got %v100 bucks.");
print("You've got %v100 bucks and %v101 cents.");

Hope that's helpful... ;)
MagickPoultry You use a percent sign. For example,

print("You have %v50 pulsating ulcers on your back.");

and it works for display, too. Is that what you meant?

Oops, it appears someone beat me to it.
Kon-Tiki *Slaps himself on the forehead*
Should've known that. Have already used that as tests some time ago.

MagickPoultry wrote:
Oops, it appears someone beat me to it.


Nobody here knows what I'm on about, so I'll just get my coat now...