Windows Linux AGI Studio v1.0 released!

Nat Budin Check it owwwwt at .

It's the Windows port of Helen's Linux AGI Studio, with integrated PICEdit and other cool goodies.
Brian Provinciano Good job  ;D
df suhweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet
Joel While this copyright issue is up:

the Linux AGI Studio uses the design (and name) of my Base Logic Generator utility for its New Room dialog; that is, with a few (although needed) improvements and minor changes, it IS my program; but the only acknowledgment of that fact that I can find is tucked away somewhere in the help file. I'm not at all accusing Helen of copyright infringment. I specifically remember giving permission for the BLG to be integrated into the Linux AGI Studio, and technically my authorship of the original base logic generator IS noted. However -- and this might sound petty for me to be complaining about it; I don't really care if it is -- I would appreciate my conception and authorship of the BLG being noted where all the other such notations are, in the About box for the program.
Libor So let me get this straight...

Peter Kelly wrote AGI Studio for Windows
Helen ported it to Linux
Nat ported the Linux version back to Windows

Please elaborate... Did Helen make major improvements to the Linux version that justify this circle of ports?
sonneveld i thought the major differences was conversion from pascal to C++, use of the QT library and a pic editor.

- Nick
Joel The Linux version included numerous improvements over the original AGI Studio in addition to being simply a Linux port. The view editor and previewer is capable of animating views so that you can see what animation looks like without having to load up the game. There is an integrated picture editor. The logic editor has additional features, such as "Compile All", the ability to read in a logic from a text file, and an integrated Base Logic Generator. The picture editor has zoom features and integrated priority band indicators. Although the sound player feature doesn't appear to have been ported yet, the Linux version has a sound player tool. Yes, there is a point to the porting.
Nailhead Looks fantastic! Excellent improvements, and finally a Windows PICEdit. Woohoo! ;D

Great Job!
rich Libor, is that you? My mortal enemy?

(It's hard keeping track these days. I just wanted to see if it was a different Libor than my mortal enemy)
Libor Goddamnit, Richard Eter! You bastard!!!!

I'm currently working on the AGI masterpiece, Suger Mama Quest : Search for a Suger Mama ... it's gonna be sweet! I'm getting Meezo and Luke to help, so we've got a great team with extensive AGI experience. If anybody (except Richard) would like to join, please post a message on this board.

Thanks, Libor
AGI1122 It even has a song player that is usefull.
sonneveld Who's tried this lately?  Neither version seems to have been updated since.  The picture editor looks good, it's just a shame that the sound player doesn't run under windows. It's got a few features that were later added to Nailhead's version.

- Nick
AGI1122 I don't really actively use it because it requires me to use a higher resolution so that way it won't go off of my screen.

Man this thread really came back from the dead eh?
sonneveld I've been trying to play around with it.. The problem is that it's very quirky..   It's needs some polishing.  It's a shame.

- Nick