The Crow's Nest

MagickPoultry The Crow's Nest, a site dedicated to amateur adventure games, is apparently back from the grave.  I never realized it was dead.  Those of you who have finished games might want to register there to give your games and AGI some more exposure.  However, AGI has yet to be registered as an engine again.  Mostly, the games there are AGS.
sonneveld I took the liberty of entering AGI as an engine and pointed links to my agidev page and the agi msgboard.. I hope nobody minds.  I was going to add links to the pages of some people's games but I didn't want to associate my name with everything!

How about it peoples?  Lets get your games on the list.. I'll fill in the gaps afterwards..  We can probably make the list larger than the current AGS game list on that site.

- Nick
AGI1122 I added V to the list.
sonneveld This is great.. we've got V, Tex McPhilip, Naturette, DG and Serguei's Destiny on the list at the moment.

- Nick
AGI1122 We need to get some more, Chad needs to add Time Quest, and Andrew Baker needs to add that Voodoo Girl game as well.