Hire an Artist - coming soon

Pikachu14 I'll be getting a PayPal account in a couple weeks and plan to use it for an SCI developer's service: Hire an Artist.

Basically it means that if you want a nice VGA screen, Crispinesque style, you just send me a rough sketch or text describing the actual scene and I'll draw it for about 5 bucks per hour needed.

Also, you can get sprites done for a discussable price, depending on your Communication skill.

You can place your orders now, but remember; you'll have to pay me to actually get the files, and you can't pay me yet. I'll keep the works in storage until PayPal is set up.

The first to make a "hire an autist" or similar joke dies.
Kon-Tiki What? Hire an attick? :P

Anyways, Allen and I tried that ass well, but for free and for AGI. We called ourselfs Mizar Productions. Didn't get even one assignment for it ::) I hope for you that you'll have more luck though.

rwfromxenon Yeah, Mizar was a major letdown :(
I thought it would go places, but it wasn't to be....
Good luck though!
Eero R Good luck! ;)
Kon-Tiki wrote:

What? Hire an attick? :P

[me=Kyoufu Kawa]kills Kon-Tiki[/me]

juncmodule I emailed you! ;D If a transaction actually occurs we could post the conversation here as a sort of promotion for you.

Pikachu14 Couldn't find your email at first due to Exclusive setting on hotmail.

Everybody, PLEASE MARK YOUR EMAILS TO MAKE THEM STAND OUT A BIT. Saves a whole day if you think about it...
Pikachu14 You can pay me now.
juncmodule What address am I paying? pikac14@hotmail.com?

Pikachu14 I'll bill you myself. Just give me the signal.
Sami_Tervo Most fascinating idea :) Hmm..call me blind, but I didn't see any art of yours in your website. Is there any site where I could see your art?

Incase you are indeed a skillful one and master the art of drawing (skill 200% or more ;D), why wouldn't you extend your services to AGI too? Although 320(160)*168 with 16 colours might little bit limit one's ability to express skills, one could still succeed. Rarely first try is succesful (Mizar :(). Perhaps second one might work?
juncmodule This is the work that made me go WOW!


Robin_Gravel Can't able to reach the post.

If you have posted your pictures 3 months ago. Your pictures could be erased like mines (Half-Death pictures).

Robin Gravel
juncmodule Here they are:

Kyoufu Kawa: I paid you ;D, weeeee!!

Pikachu14 The pictures still don't show up, Junk. At least I still got 'em. Maybe I'll add a special page to the site.

Also, check your mail. There's a sample of your order there. All that's left is the dying animation and a female version, like you ordered.
Pikachu14 Put up a page today, like Sami Tervo suggested.

Thraka can you put up a few samples? The only one I found on the pages is a "Crispinesque"? picture and that doesn't really show what a final product looks like.. I'm looking more for a sci0 (space quest 3 style) graphics and not the 256 color ones..
Kyoufu I haven't got any other samples yet. They'll be there sooner or later.

And the guy that drew the Space Quest 3 pics must've been on crack. Or worse.
Thraka The original SQ3 pics? LOL Why's that?
Pikachu14 The detail man. They're so f'ing detailed. :o
mr-t yeah, and it doesn't look like a dithered mess (larry 3, anyone?)
Pikachu14 No kidding.

Any actual requests to make? Anybody? Preferably not SCI0 Pics ;)

And again, if emailing, please mark your messages to make them stand out a bit.
Zero2003 I need a artist but for agi!!!! :'(
Kon-Tiki I can always give it a try for a couple of pics (at first), but at two conditions. Give a good description of the pic you want and don't change the format constantly (so I can start drawing without worrying to have to redraw it because of changing ideas)
Drop me a line about the description (let's just try two pics first, we'll see after that)

Zero2003 Ok thanks :)