Cant create new games!

Andreas I've hardly unpacked Sci Studio and I'm already getting errors! :<

Im following the tutorial and trying to create a new game (ive entered a name and a path, create game from template is highlighted), I click "Create Game" and get an error message saying "An error occured while trying to copy the template game files to <path>".

Anyone know what could be the cause of this? Does Sci Studio need to be unpacked into a certain directory or something? Im clueless!
Brian_Provinciano Heh, there's your problem right away. You've "hardly unpacked Sci Studio". You need to extract it completely with all the paths intact (make sure the box in checked in winzip). So, there must be a \template, \template\src,\examples,etc.
Wilco23 I actually had exactly the same problem at one point, I just copied the template game directory, created a new game directory (whatever I wanted to call my game) in the SCI main directory and then pasted the template copy.
(know what I mean? Or am I too vague?)
Andreas Thanks guys.
Yea I did just like the second post suggested, just copied the whole template directory. That worked. Weird error though :)