Sound Resources Support in SCI Studio

Omer Mor Hi Brian,
I wanted to know whether the next version of SCI Studio will be able to play audio resources from SCI Games (including SCI01 games).
I guess Music/MIDI support is not trivial to implement but I believe the audio resources should be standard PCM data so it wouldn't be hard implementing a simple built-in player...
Thanks in advance,
Brian_Provinciano I hope that I'll have sound support for the next version. We'll see.
Kern Achim I searched over one hour about a fault on my side why sci3 did not play any sound or midi when i have pressed the run button.

Does only FreeSCI and NAGI play sound ???

I hope you will implement sound as soon as possible.
That would be another milestone...

I am also waiting for the VGA Version.
So keep on hacking...

best wishes Achim
Wilco23 Crack that whip! ;)
Brian_Provinciano You must be talking about sound when running the games themselves? That has nothing to do with SCI Studio, but rather Windows. Since the interpreter is an old DOS game, Windows doesn't like it, and often won't play it's sound. Go to:

to look for a new sound driver for the game. Also, check out "VDMSound".