TCN Awards - The winners


The votes are counted! Take a look and see which games were voted as the best of 2002.
Kon-Tiki Hehehe, Jiggy Jiggy Uh! Uh! was in the wrong category. Nominated for story...
What story?
Just glad it got nominated anyways :)

Andrew_Baker Oh, my god!!! I got nominated a lot! I have to show my girlfriend!!!! And my family and stuff!!!
Robin_Gravel One month ago I got this message from The crow's nest:

Someone has nominated SD for a TCN award (best game and best puzzles, to be specific). I have to double check that every nominated game actually can be nominated (I\'ve already had to remove three nominees) and that\'s the reason I\'m contacting you. When was SD released? Your web site mentions 2001, which would mean that it can\'t be given an award for best game in 2002. You still can be happy that someone wanted to nominate it, though. :)

Too bad Serguei's destiny is one year too old to get nominated.

Robin Gravel
rwfromxenon I think that was me that nominated you, Robin. Your games rock ;D