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Merope Hello all. I discovered the AGI site a few days back and immediately decided, the hell with school, I should be working on my childhood dream of being Roberta Williams. ;) Thanks to Nick for leaving nice notes in my blog to invite me here.

I'm currently messing around with the graphics program since I'm currently out of ideas for a game. (If only I could create one that somehow takes place at both my university and outside the Parthenon. ;)) I think I'm finally getting the hang of it even though most of what I've been doing is tracing and modifying, not creating from scratch. I'm not a terribly good artist.

Any tips for newbies to the AGI programming circle? I think the plot will come eventually--right now all my ideas seem too grandiose for a first game.

Also, this may be a dumb question, but are there any other female programmers or AGI gamers out there? If so, hi! It's fairly rare for me to find another girl who's played as many Sierra games as I have (not to mention Infocom and Origin). Ah, old school games: there's nothing quite like them.

So, hi!
smartguy240 Hey! i dont know about the female question...i seriously dont think that there are many female people here...but welcome anyways

you might find it in your interest to visit http://www.goodoldadventures.com too.

we have some openings on the development team if anyone can prove their worth by making some stuff that is good, outstanding, critical, or helpful to GOA... 1 character or room probabally wont cut the team ;)

Welcome though!

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AGI1122 Not too many girls in the AGI community... your like the second one I have seen so far since I have been here. ;D

Anyway, welcome and good luck with learning AGI and making a game. :)
sonneveld There have been a few girl agi gamers. I'd like to think there's more out there.. but they're probably scared by the huge male to female ratio here. The more notable was Leigh Ann Frey.. I'm pretty sure she looked after an agi website (Vortex wasn't it?), worked on a couple of fan games including Operation: Recon and wrote some tutorials as well.

Unfortunately, there was a big mess with moving servers for the msgboard when the current one (at the time) died. After the move she lost interest. I don't know all the reasons though, I wasn't participating much back then.

Best idea for starting with any sort of game is to start small. Create a one room game and see how you would cram as many puzzles as you can in one room. At least then you can concentrate less on flashy graphics and more on puzzles.

umm.. I'd recommend checking out the tutorials section at agidev.com but i think you already have.

- Nick
Kon-Tiki Welcome.
Now, that's behind the back. From as long as I have been here, there's only one female member that I know of (except the really old folks, from Lance Ewing's time, but they're as good as all gone.) She's named Jiggins or Jonnins or something like that. Didn't see anything from her since August though.

Good tips for games... read my Picture-tutorial (at my site or Nick's - Agidev - ), but mind that the eyepoint has to be on the horizon. If you have any more questions or need help with the pictures, just ask. They're not the most important part to a game, but they add a big part of the atmosphere.
For the rest: just fiddle around with a small game, where you experiment with the coding and the resources. When you feel like you're up for it, start working on a real game and most importantly: don't give up. There're already too many abandoned AGI-games out there.

Joel Welcome to the board, Merope :). I would guess that there are plenty of girls who have played and have liked Sierra games. Now, as for female AGI developers, that's another story.

Actually, Kon-Tiki, I think Leigh Ann came to the board (back when we were on insidetheweb.com) after Lance Ewing had pretty much disappeared from the scene. I guess he was still around a little bit, since he did release the PicEdit source code around that time, but I think he had more or less stopped actively participating before then. Lance wasn't around much even before Peter Kelly announced that he was not going to devote any more time to AGI, and Leigh Ann I think was a relative newcomer then, too. And she was around for a good while after I disappeared for a couple years, so it wasn't that long ago :).
Rich Leigh Ann was a big contirbuter circa mid 1999... she did work on Operation: Recon, but that whole project fizzled out. Hmm... I don't remember exactly when she left or why. She was very nice, even with my crude attitude I sometimes had towards her. But, I digress... I've seen a few female members around. Particularly, I recall on a few of the AGI chat rooms. Girls would come around that weren't necessarily involved in AGI, but where friends with people that were. What happened to the AGI chat rooms?
I still haven't ever heard any girl's opinion of my games... except the friends I've shown them to. Didn't exactly get me dates if you know what I mean.
Anyhow, cheers, Merope and welcome to the AGI community. It was long my dream too to make these games... except more like Ken Williams... LOL.
mr-t bring on fq2 man
beyond infinity rich is busy with spring. :P
Kon-Tiki Well, yeah. There were a few girls in the chat, but they didn't have much to say, except things like this: "Oh, you guys DON'T make maps for Duke3D?" You help those out with what they look for, try to get them to visit the board (hehehe, next to the Jehova Witnesses, the AGI Witnesses ;D )and that's all there's heard from them. I recall a girlfriend (like in a friend that's a girl, not the other meaning) of Mike Haley coming there from time to time and someone called Roberta :o That's all I've seen in the chat before the days of GOA. Now the chat has died out once more.

Eero R The best chat at all is Good Old Adventures! ;)
Wilco23 Except there's never anyone at GOA when I go there! :'(
smartguy240 OK lets set up a time then
Eero R http://www.goodoldadventures.com/clock.jsp to set up a time with people from different time zones... ;)