Dr.Jummybummy's Space Adventure 2 Demo

Eigen Dr.Jummybummy's Space Adventure 2 Demo is ready! Download it [URL=http://www.downloadcounter.com/cgi-bin/download.pl?username=eigen&account=21]--HERE--[/URL] and please let me know what you think. Critisism is welcome.
It's not a very long demo. (About as long as the full version of the first part was). So download it and play right away! And if you find bugs then let me know. Also visit http://www.hot.ee/alpond

Oliver The game is cool but I don't like that the pic's have too much mixed colors. ;)

Keep up the good work ;)
Eero R Great game... ;)
Robin_Gravel I finished it yesterday.

I can't wait to play the whole game.

Robin Gravel
Eigen Ok, here's another demo. With full intro sequence. So check it out. Download it[URL=http://www.downloadcounter.com/cgi-bin/download.pl?username=eigen&account=21]--HERE--[/URL]

Brian_Provinciano Fantastic work! I can't wait until the full version is complete!
Kon-Tiki This game's fun :) Found some minor bugs though. Once you have the batteries, you can get the flashlight again and receive points for it.
When you've gone to the screen behind the glass door and type "look", there's a minor typo. Tahn should be than. Just a minor bug that could happen to anyone though.
I must admit the music adds to the atmosphere as well.
Keep up the work on this one, it's well worth it ;)

Pikachu14 Absolutely great game! You are now nominated for the Best Overall Game Award. I'll go play some other games now...
Paladinlover Bravo :clap: :clap: :clap: ;D

I can't wait to see the full version come out.

You know what, one of these days I'm going to stop being a lazy bum and start to learn SCI. I still have about 75% of the tutorial to go through, but I just can't get myself to open it up and learn the whole thing.

but nonetheless I'm sure having lots of fun editing games, and once the new SCI studio comes out with the script editor, I'll take my editing exploits to new hights!!

Till next time stay cool :cool: