LSCI? (TSN/INN remake)

Mithrandel I fancy myself much more a lurker than a poster, but something caught my eye on the main page of, and now I have this burning question that begs to be answered.

I'm well underway to creating a TSN/INN remake - you can view my progress at . However, there are a few vexing aspects to recreating INN; for example, I sometimes have difficulty remembering exactly how INN worked, and there's the fact that I'm much less of an artist than a programmer. In short, being able to get into INN's resource files would save me a lot of brain-wracking.

Then, on a random impulse today, I checked out for the first time in a few months. Down at the bottom of the page, I read, "While working on disassembling the SCI engines for the implementation of SCI11, SCI32 and LSCI support in SCI Studio..."

Seeing how INN was an LSCI program, I'm very interested in an LSCI-supporting release of SCI Studio. Any idea on a timetable for adding LSCI support, Brian? =)

I completely missed the latest post on the main page - "It even supports LSCI, the INN online SCI!" Brian, I hate boosting anyone's ego any more than necessary, but from what I've seen, you're an insanely good programmer, and I'm insanely jealous. =P
Brian_Provinciano Thanks! Yes, SCI Studio now can load and extract the files from every SCI version, including the Amiga HiRes games, LSCI games, SCI 3.x, etc. It can also decode all graphic formats, views and pics, including views: EGA, SCI1 VGA, SCI1 Amiga, SCI11+ VGA, pics: EGA, SCI1 EGA, SCI1 VGA, SCI1 Amiga, SCI11 VGA , SCI20/SCI30 VGA.

EGA SCI games, are BTW, pretty much the same on Amiga, only the VGA ones are different.

I consider LSCI to be kind of a cross between SCI1 and SCI11. SCI Studio doesn't currently decode it's modules (equivilant of scripts), but they do use the same opcodes.

Also, SCI Studio loads and edits the fonts from all versions, so you will be able to get the LSCI fonts and use them.

There will surely be a decompiler done eventually for LSCI, so you could use those scripts to create a 100% accurate clone down to the smallest detail.
Omer Mor Unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!!
You just don't stop - don't you? :D
I really hope the release date is soon because I just can't wait!! :-)
Brian_Provinciano It won't be released for a while, since I keep adding more support/features rather than finishing up the SCI1 editors, which just creates even more loose ends, but it will be out in due time ;)
rwfromxenon Sorry to recycle an old topic... but what is LSCI and it's diffences?
Eero R LSCI is a SCI version, which was used by TSN/INN (you know when Al Lowe tried to make multiplayer adventure), and the main difference is net support...