New V message board

AGI1122 Yes that's right we have a new board for V - The Graphic Adventure. It is at so come and check it out. It looks alot like this board *cough* stolen from YaBB *cough* But still come check it out and have fun. :)
df proboards is a hacked up version of yabb. i forget what version its based on.

what happened to the old board?

hows the game going?

are you concentrating on the game or the demo? (i know what I'd prefer!)
AGI1122 The old board was an EZboard and was always giving error messages when the popups appeared plus at had the giant list of ads at the bottom. The old board still exists but the links in the site have been changed to reflect this new one.

You can really tell proboards stole from YaBB, they have the same mistakes in the registration agreement, now how could they get that unless they copied it word for word. From what I have read though, Patrick Clinger the owner of proboards has joined the YaBB2 development team and is going to work on YaBB.

We are focusing on the game, we release the game at certain points as a demo. Right now we are working on Downtown, and a hospital and other little various things.