I have 2 problems, maybe more

FastaKilla 1. I don't know how to have it bring up the inventory item view when you type 'look/pumpkin'
I have the 'pumpkin' item working, I followed the tutorial. It is something in the global said statements in the main script right? Does it use InspectObj or something else?
At the bottom of main script I have
(instance {pumpkin} of Iitem
      said 'pumpkin'
"This is a pumpkin."
      view 14

2. I have a view of a person, and I have a close-up pic and I have that working ok. The view disappears when I type 'back' though and go back to the room. It comes back if I leave the room and come back though.
Also, how can I get the view to play loop 2 when I type 'talk/man' ? (loop 1 is a still pic, loop 2 is the animation of him talking)
Data Soong 1. Did you put something like this in the header file?:
// Inventory Items
(define INV_ Pumpkin 0)// save don't compile

FastaKilla Yes, I already did that, in game.sh (that's the header file, right?) I have

// Inventory Items
(define INV_NOTHING 0)
(define INV_PUMPKIN 1)
Data Soong 1. Yes, it is. It should be working. Are you testing this through a saved game? You need to reenter the room or start a new game, if you made changes to the script.
Wilco23 Make sure you compile each and every script that you made changes to before you re-enter your game! I found this out the hard way - was having lots of problems because I wasn't saving pictures and scripts to the resource properly.
FastaKilla I compile and rebuild all the time. That's not the problem. Do I have to change something from the INV script?
FastaKilla Should I just make an icon print?

I can have 'look/pumpkin' for the room and use if/else for whether or not you have it or not, then make a global 'look/pumpkin' in the main script and use another if/else. Then if you do have the pumpkin use an icon print. Should I just try that?
FastaKilla wrote:

how can I get the view to play loop 2 when I type 'talk/man' ? (loop 1 is a still pic, loop 2 is the animation of him talking)

I'm also just experimenting with this only now, but what I did last night was put another instance using the same view at the bottom of my roomScript, but set it to loop 2 of that view. Then you can call this instance from within an "if(Said" statment to initialise it. Of course the man will have to be temporarily hidden, so I inserted a "hide()" statement. Something like this:


But this is just my solution, I still haven't figured out how to make the initial character reappear after my animation has finished.
FastaKilla I made icon prints for the items, so that is out of the way, but I have another question.
What do you type to take something out of your inventory? like the opposite of

(send gEgo:get(INV_PUMPKIN))

Will this be a problem though? Won't it mess up everything I have such as

(if(send gEgo:has(INV_PUMPKIN))
"This is a pumpkin."
#title "Pumpkin"
#icon 14 0 0
Print("There is a weird looking pumpkin on the ground.")
Eigen To drop an inventory object:

(send gEgo:put(INV_PUMPKIN))

Brian_Provinciano The reason "look <item>" is not automatic is because most sierra games have custom messages and events on the "look" phrases.
FastaKilla Thanks.
FastaKilla Now I have more questions. First, how can I have it go to a room, play the loop of a view just once, then go back to the original room? For an example, you can use

original room pic.026 (same script #)
pic with animation pic.027
trigger for playing animation is 'look/glass'

I want you to be able to do this only once.
Also, I think I'll need to type these, but where in the script would I put them?

My other question is about 2-word things.
How can I have something like baking soda in the vocab?