dave I'm stuck in the game Gold Rush, i cant remember how to play the game anymore and it is really frustrating me... can anyone help me... anyone remember the game? or have a hint book or know where one is online... anyone...????
email me please
AGI1122 Which part are you having a problem with?
Dave i am completely blanking on how to play
im stuck in the beginning, i have done a couple things, but i cant remember what i need to do in order to sell my house, get teh letter from my brother and head out
and i also forget what i need to do before and while on the ship when sailing around the horn... any help possible would be great... thanks man
df well since GR is my fav sierra game  ;D

the first part is all about getting enough money to make it out to california. You've already got a rough idea, you just need to play around and follow some of your ideas up
Dave My problem is that i dont remember exactly what i need to do in order to get my brother's letter, and then sell my house... also, i forget what i need for the trip on the boat... its been bothering me for a while... i've quit my job, my house is for sale, i keep feeling like i have to do some more things in my house, but i have the picture and cant remember what else i need to do... PLEASE HELP...thanks
sonneveld are you running in fast or fastest speed mode?  due to a bug in goldrush, time doesn't work properly unless you're in normal speed somethings.. so events won't work properly

- Nick
dave im running on normal...
df its an adventure game! you idea is to work things out!!   :-X
dave I'm aware of that, but ive been playing off and on for a while because i cant remember what to do in this beginning part, and i dont remember how to sell my house, get my brother's letter and then leave... once i get that, i should be fine, but this has just been really bothering me because i cant remember how to play... please help me
dave i also feel like tehre is something else i need to do in the house that i havent yet,
i have the photo, and i have put up the sign to sell my house, but i feel like there was something else that i need to do... is that right or am i remembering wrong...?
sonneveld Wasn't there a bible somewhere? :)

- Nick
dave the only bible i know is the one that i can get by buying a coach ticket adn getting one at the camp... is there another one... i just got the game recently again, so im a complete moron about it again as im easing back into it, i know that i need certain things, but i cant remember waht they are....
blacki In the house you have to close the desk and get the statement. You get the bible during your travel to california, it doesn't matter which way you go.
Andrew_Baker Is there any way I can get a legal copy of GR? It's one of the ones I never got to play. None of the game stores where I live have those Best of Sierra type packs (Even though they are chock full of f-ing Half-Life expansions and clones).
AGI1122 It is almost impossible to find it... but I would check to see if you can find a copy. Good luck finding it.
blacki Try;

and click on the " Descargo " icon, to download.
The site is in Espanol but the game is English.

I am assuming that Gold Rush is abandonware. ???
But am unsure :-\