Picture resources in Linux?

uaru99 I'd like to take pictures with my digital camera, drop the res with the Gimp, and then convert them somehow to picture resource format for use in Linux Agi Studio.  Is there a utility for converting other image filetypes to a pic resource?
sonneveld There are two DOS programs, vector and pcx2pic, but no source for either.  You could try running them in dos emu though.  You have to remember that AGI keeps their pictures in a 16 colour vector format.

You could probably get them from my site:
when the thing gets online again (in a few hours)

- Nick
sonneveld The best way is to get Linux AGI Studio or DOS Picedit and manually draw your agi pic over the bitmap.. it looks nicer than any converter.

There at least 2 tutorials on my site.. (when it's up!)

- Nick
uaru99 Might there be another version of Picedit that fits 800x600 screens?
sonneveld as far as I know, the dos version of pic edit only has a resolution of 320x200, I don't know about linux agi studio.  The actual resolution of agi vector pictures is 160x168.. but it's scaled a bit for the screen.

- Nick
uaru99 Sorry, I was a little too brief in my question.

Linux Agi Studio comes with a program much like MSDOS Picedit.  This picture editor creates picture resources of 160x168, but this is enlarged for easier editing, and there are also several widgets alongside that make the overall dimensions of this picture editor's window too big for my screen.  This makes the program very difficult to use.

I am wondering if perhaps there might be another Linux port of MSDOS Picedit or the source code available for Picedit.  I have a couple more options, but these would not be easy fixes.
eidolon If I'm not mistaken, the source code for both picedit and Linux AGI studio is free. So it should be pretty easy to get along.

Moreover, do I have a new picture editor in the pipeline. It can handle any screen resolution. It's still far from complete though, so please don't expect anything too soon.
uaru99 I looked around for a fair amount of time for the source code for Picedit, but it looks like all of the Agi sites only have the windows binary.  OSDN and SourceForge don't have it, several Google searches drew blanks.
Joel I've got a copy of the PicEdit source code. If anyone wants to host it, I'll e-mail it to them.
AGI1122 Hey send a copy to me at AGISCI@aol.com I would be glad to host it at my web site.
AGI1122 Ok it's up at my site at http://www.agi.zzn.com

It is in the AGI Utilities section.
uaru99 Thanks much.
uaru99 Picedit won't compile (it needs MSDOS) so I might have to take appart the version that comes with Linux Agi Studio to make it fit my screen.
uaru99 Solution!

I just remembered that this monitor can do a much higher res if I put only use 256 colors.  For a couple days there I was worried that I might not get to make my game.