Should I post my story before I start?

uaru99 I've got an idea for the story I could make into a game, should I post the storyline here to find out if it sounds okay?
AGI1122 It is up to you whether or not to tell us or keep it a secret, personally I would rather see a game with the story in it rather than hear about it on the board.
Nailhead I'll back up Chris' answer too. I'd rather it be a surprise. :)
sonneveld You should definately plan out your puzzles and story before you start out your game.. That way you've got a clear idea of how much work you need to do and you can make sure puzzles fit together...

I don't mean to plug my site but the tutorial section has two links to articles on adventure game design.. which would be useful...

- Nick
AGI1122 Very nice plug *claps*

Now watch a master at work. ;)

I have a logic programming tutorial and a much more advanced template than the one distributed with Peter Kelly's version of AGI Studio at

Good luck with your game.

Now that is how you do a plug. ;)
uaru99 K, I won't post it, and yes I already have most of the puzzles already figured out.
Nailhead How's about a you have a working title yet?
How's about a you have a working title yet?

Just an idea: "The Ice King"

I think there was a book of the same name that was about an artic sea voyage, but this story takes far away from the artic and there aren't any boats.
Now watch a master at work. ;)

like I said, I didn't mean to do any plugging...

- Nick
uaru99 I'm exhausted, took over 90 pictures in the last two hours.  65 are to be sorted through for use in the game.  I've seen the tutorial that has samples from "V" to show how to trace, but tell me, do I make the picture first, and then go and fill in the priority stuff after or do I do the priority stuff along the way?
Andrew_Baker I've found that the best bet for me is to start towards the bottom of the screen and work towards the top.  Of course, with PICEDIT, you can always backtrack and change the priorities of select lines and fills.  In the end, though, don't mess with control lines until you've done all the priorities, because the pri's will overwrite your control lines.  Have fun.
AGI1122 What I usually do it draw the visual pic first, then after I am done I turn off the visual colors and turn on the priority colors and begin making the priorities and control lines.
uaru99 Well so much for that...
The PicEdit that is built into Linux Agi Studio is SLOW!  It takes about a second for it to respond to each of my mouse clicks.  So if I quickly click 10 times to make several lines I might have to wait 5 or 6 seconds before it displays all of those lines and catches up with my mouse.  Something is not right here...I run really light when it comes to system resources and I haven't seen any other program run so sluggish except for real lunkers like Nautilus.
sonneveld I noticed that too.. I thought it may have just been my system..

perhaps it's recalculating the picture after each command?

- Nick