Program by Example

Wilco23 Hey there, I'm finding it a little difficult in some places to use SCI studio (I'm learning at the same time)
It would be really helpful if I could view somebody elses script from their game(s) so that I can see how everything is put together, and how other people are using their methods, functions etc.

I've tried looking at the code from Brians game but no-can-do.

I'm a little vague, I know. :P
Eigen Here's Al Pond 2 source code:

Wilco23 Thanks Eigen, this is exactly what I need! :)
Mr.Money Hi,
how do you open the scripts up so that they can be looked at. I can load the games into SCI studio, but it says I have to create the scripts with the compiler. Can someone help?
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Eero R You can't view scripts when loading a game in SCI Studio... That's why you need the source to view them.