AGI Studio Coding Rant

sonneveld Why is it so hard to make modifications to AGI Studio?  This isn't Nailhead's, Nat Budin's or Peter Kelly's fault, just some nitpicking....

I can't edit agi studio because I've only got Delphi 6 Personal edition.. Nailhead's source uses some professional compoents but the personal edition doesn't support some of the components that the professional edition has (like gradients apparently).. even the tutorial that comes with the personal edition requires components that I just can't access..

how big is the Personal Edition download?  140 megs...  Why would you release a tutorial that doesn't work with the program?

grrr.. Nick smash...

ok, before I tried Delphi, I tried the Windows Linux AGI Studio (Qt AGI Studio)...   QT is meant to be open source, cross platform, lah de dah.. but you can't code with QT under Windows unless you have Visual C (which i don't have)... there's a hack to use Cygwin but as I understand it, you need to have the xfree code as well as a cygwin library...  

The only alternative is to use Peter Kelly's original source, but I haven't tried that yet.. That means I can't use Nailhead's updates however.

Does anybody have any solutions?  I want to work on AGI Studio, either to help Nailhead or add new features.  What's a decent cross-platform gui library?  I want to be able to easily port some gui frontends from windows to linux, so I don't really want to code in win32.

- Nick
df have nailhead remove gradients (what are they used for anyway? what in?) or transition to free controls. when I looked at delphi5 pro at my last job, there were shedloads of free highquality controls...

grrr pascal. df smash! :o
Nailhead I can see how it's frustrating. As it is for me too trying to rewrite and understand someone else's logic. I will be upgrading to D6 Pro soon and hopefully it will compile with out error (fat chance). In the meantime I don't see why my source code wouldn't compile with Delphi6. You mentioned that it couldn't find the Gradient component, that's my mistake, it didn't occur to me to document all of the 3rd party components that I used for other developers of this code release. Peter did an excellent job of not incorporating outside components for that reason I'm sure.

Anyway, the component is called TRSGradient and I only used it for the color gradients that you see throughout (I like things to look flashy). Here is a URL to the component: It's freeware by the way. Since the gradients are only used for cosmetic purposes, you could tell Delphi to (ignore all) when it asks for it.
sonneveld the gtk for win32 port website doesn't instill me with confidence. :)  I think gtk's useful for X at the moment

gtk win32 port

I was thinking about trying wxWindows or V

Does anybody have any experience with these?  I want to try and use a library/compiler combination that's free and will work with windows and linux..

- Nick
the gtk for win32 port website doesn't instill me with confidence. :)
sonneveld V's GUI page hasn't been updated since 2000.. wxWindows supports Windows, gtk, motif and mac.  It also seems to be regularly updated and it will work with the free gcc compilers.  All in all, it looks interesting..  There's even a project designer program...

I'm going to try writing some gui interfaces for my apps using wxWindows..   It'll give me a chance to practice c++ at least :)

- Nick
sonneveld nailhead:
is there a chance you could add "tab" support to the agi studio logic editor.  Unless there's a way to turn it on that I missed.. it's driving me crazy.

- Nick
sonneveld wxwindows is fairly straight forward.. it's c++ so I'll have to start learning another language but I've managed to get a tabbed interface working already..  an interface for my array/maze maker thingy should be ready in a few years :)

at least it's C++, I don't have to scrap all my old nagi code.

- Nick
sonneveld btw Nailhead, thanks for the link.. i assumed it was a dialog that came with Pro.. i still stand by the annoying tutorial though.. they must have changed some component names but didn't fix the tutorial..

- Nick