Andrew_Baker I tried using a pcx for a background in PICEDIT, but it wasn't exactly 320 x ??? (Whatever the dimensions are, I can't remember).  It's a monochrome PCX.  I couldn't run it from the Windows Run window, so I went from the DOS prompt.  PICEDIT loaded but was hung up.  I couldn't get any of the buttons to work or anything.

Any suggestions?
uaru99 Well the size should be 320x168.
Which version of PicEdit are you using?  If it is the one that comes with Linux Agi Studio (and I would guess also with the Windows port of this) then you need to use bitmaps instead.
sonneveld I've had trouble with picedit's pcx handling too.. I had to convert a pic to monochrome for it to work

- Nick
Andrew_Baker I'm using the DOS stand-alone that can be linked to from AGIStudio.  The picture is b/w, but I'm using Adobe Illustrator to convert it.  I think Adobe Ill is too fancy.  Does anyone have a favorite freeware paint program that can convert to PCX from an imported graphic?  I'll also need to resize the graphic.