Catz, LSL, Codename Iceman

FastaKilla Hey, does anyone have a lot of web space? Maybe you could take
because that page is shutting down or something.
Also, will the future version of SCI Studio be able to view things from Codename Iceman?
Brian_Provinciano The current build (unreleased) of SCI Studio supports all PC SCI versions (at least viewing graphics/text). However, SCI Studio (1.0+) has always been able to edit Iceman. You are either trying a non-english version (which would be supported in my current build of the unreleased SCI Studio), or a corrupt version (ie. missing, etc.).
FastaKilla I renamed to and it worked!
Brian_Provinciano Erm...I didn't mean "", I meant "resource.000"-"resource.064". Renaming it to "" makes it an invalid SCI file for the interpreter, as well, you won't be able to perform certain resource tasks.