Suggestions for SCI Studio and SCI itself

Joseph DiPerla First off Brian, Awesome program! You truly are a genious. Congrats on SCI Studio.

You know, you can probably make your own SCI Interpreter rather than using or Who know what type of advancements you could make with it.

Anyways, I had a suggestion for the Studio. You know when you do the Export of a character? It exports it tiled, would there be any way of exporting it non-tiled? Each image individually? And I noticed you can't export backgrounds. Can you make an option to export and import backgrounds and their masks?

Also, seeing as I make suggestions and so do others... Maybe you can accept donations for suggestions. EG: For every suggestion to be implemented, you would have to pay $10.00 or something like that.

Good job on SCI Studio.

***Hoping for a SCIVM and a SCUMM Studio***

Lars Skovlund SCIVM does exist. It's called FreeSCI. :)
Its main aim is to support the present games, not develop new things. On the other hand, we won't try to stop people who want to do that.

(FreeSCI maintainer)
Brian_Provinciano To export individual cels and background, just go "Edit"->"Copy". Then open up your favorite paint program and click "Edit"->"Paste".

I do implement most features people request, though I've only had donations from five unique donators. Maybe people will be more genorous to get their hands on a prerelease copy of SCI Studio which supports the graphics in EVERY SINGLE SCI VERSION! Yes, I've finished reverse engineering the views/palettes/pics in the SCI11 and SCI32 games, so SCI Studio can now load up all versions and dump explore the graphics. The only catch is I won't be releasing it for a while since there's so much to be done, such as touching up the SCI1 game greation support, implementing the save routines for SCI11+ views/pics, writing the docs, etc. Hopefully people will want a prerelease copy and give a donation.

In all reality though, donationware doesn't work. I really really really appreciate the support I've received from Matt Hargett, Mitchell Shelton, Jeroen Jacobs, Nick Sonneveld and Salim Farhat. However, no one else has been helping out, so I've been applying everywhere to get a full time job to pay for things. This will result in a lot slower progress with SCI Studio once I get one, as I will have a lot less time to work on it, but hey, everyone needs money! It was my dream to make a living off SCI Studio and my other software on, but since I don't want to charge for it, I guess not. Oh well, sorry for my babbling.
Joseph DiPerla To Lars:

FreeSCI is a good project, but seeing that Brian is an awesome programmer, I thought that he could single handidly do it better. But thats just a wish.

To Brian:

I will be donating soon. I need to get a new account at the bank to use with paypal. After that I would be contributing something to you and also to the Star Wars combine for my reasons.

I would be able to do this cause thankfully I got a part time job. But I will be contributing to you.

Hey! If you want to earn more money for Bripro and SCI Studio... Sell t-shirts and stuff by going to You can make a profit there. The Star Wars combine uses it to make a profit. And maybe you can also ad a small banner on your site and have users click it. Just an option.

Brian_Provinciano Lars is unquestionably a better programmer than I! Remember I'm still only 18. I've only personally reverse engineered certain resource formats such as SCI11/SCI32 views, pics, etc. Lars reverse engineered virtually the entire execuatables for many versions, including scripts, virtual machines, etc.! Writing an accurate interpreter is a lot more challenging than a development system.

I've known about that tshirt/mug thing, but I wouldn't make much profit without ripping people off. Besides, I'm sure people would rather donate $10 to me than spend $20 on a mug. heh.
Joseph DiPerla Oh Snap. Sorry Lars, didn't see that you were the freesci developer.

Dont get me wrong on your project. I think its great! I use it myself to play pq2. I hope I didn't offend you. :(

Omer Mor Brian - Great job! does that mean you are able to view now p16, p32, v16 & v32 resources as well (the EGA SCI1 & the AMIGA SCI1 views and pictures)?