Lot of Problems with Sierra games under XP

Majin Trugeta As the subject states, I'm having a multitude of problems running Sierra games under Windows XP.

AGI Games - Games runs fine, except AGI SB won't work anymore so I must use PC Speaker.

SCI Games - Run Fine except no sound.

Point & Click - (Not sure what Sierra classed these at, I believe an advanced version of SCI or something.)
These run fine as well, but no sound.

Newest Point & Clicks - ie. Space Quest 6, LSL 7, KQ 7, etc. These won't even install. They give me an error saying gdi.dll or some such thing was not found. I believe this was a driver that isn't included in XP.

Any help in fixing any of these problems would be greatly appreciated, TIA.
Joel Unfortunately, I don't know much about XP.

Is it possible that a DOS install of SQ6, etc. might work? If it's looking for gdi.dll and gdi.dll is not a part of XP, then there probably is no workaround, but again I don't really know.
Joel Oddly enough, however, I do not have any file called gdi.dll on my Windows 98 machine (at least the Find dialog doesn't return it) and I think I can install games like SQ6 (although I may have used a DOS install, I don't think I did). I don't have it installed right now, so I'm not 100% sure here, either.
Majin Trugeta Thanks for the quick reply. I don't believe a DOS installed will work either, GDI.dll might be something else but to my recollection thats what it was. All that really matters about it is that its on none of the Sierra CDs that give me this problem, and I never experienced it before on any of my other OS's, so it must be XP specific. XP doesn't like software accessing the hardware directly, so that is what is most likely giving me the sound issues, but I'm not sure if there is a workaround for this or not. I was posting in the hopes that anyone else with XP might have came across/solved this problem and could give me some insight or solution into possibly fixing this problem. Playing these games in silence takes a lot of the immersion out of the games and I'd like to get it back if at all possible.
sonneveld A lot of people have had problems with the sierra games under AGI.
sonneveld I've added an "AGI on Win XP" "tutorial" in the tutorial section of my site (agidev.com) because of the questions on XP here and there were a few search terms relating to XP in my log.

It's not a proper solution since I don't have XP to test it on.. but it's got some suggestions and I'd love to hear if it works for anybody.

- Nick