Suggestion to raise the quality of homemade SCI games

Pikachu14 Use a kind of award system! Each month or so, decide which homemade SCI game is best and give an award. Like the Oscars.

We could have several categories to score by, for example:
Graphics - Who got the best art? Award goes the artist.
Sound and Music - Same as art, really. Award goes to the composer/converter.
Code - Could be used for either game programming or seperate blocks (like my BS). Award goes to the programmer.
Story - Award goes to the writer.
Overall Best Game - Award goes to the whole team.
Biggest Help - Award goes to whoever was the most helpful towards others in the past month.
Oliver if I look it this way then there doesn't get a game created each month. For example: How many games have been created since Al Pond 2 got ready? None.
That was in August/September 2002. now It's March 29 2003.
Robin_Gravel I made "DG: I want my c64 back" in 2002 in SCI.

If I am not working in others SCI games, That's because
of many bugs I found in SCI studio specialy I'm using Win 98. The last version of SCI studio is better.

If you're looking for SCI quality games like Sierra did,
you'll be disapointed. You know, we're making games
for fun, not to make money.

Robin Gravel
Kon-Tiki For now, the choices could be made out of the already existing games. Doesn't matter how old they are, there're not enough new ones for now.

There're quite a lot of people learning SCI since the release of SCI Studio 3. There'll come more games out, it's just a matter of time. When SCI Studio VGA is released, there'll be even more games. Then it'll be possible to make such awards, although I'd split the graphic awards up in EGA and VGA then (wouldn't be fair otherwise)

Pikachu14 The month thingy was just an example. "Each month or so"

And splitting the Graphics awards in EGA and VGA is good too...
Brian_Provinciano People should create their games for personal enjoyment. It doesn't matter what the graphics are like, or even the story. If they enjoy making the game, it's all good!

And yes, MANY MANY more people are working on games since the release of SCI Studio 3, so there will be many more games released in the future.