Troubles with "said" statements

FastaKilla In the first room, I have

Print("The Door to the Quickstop is white.")
Print("There is a blue car parked at the Quickstop.")
(if(Said('[ /* , !* ]'))
Print("You are at the Quickstop.")

in the RoomScript. I have


in the Main script.

The problem is, my game keeps printing "You are at the Quickstop" when I type "hi" or pretty much any other word (like, say "farm")

I also have the death thing working, but only for room 1. How can I make it have you die if you type it anywhere? Just type the same things in the "Main" script instead?

Please help, thanks. I have no programming knowlege, and so far the only stuff I have programmed in the game are

PICS:Title screen and 11 rooms (3 with doors)
13 various VIEWS
and a tiny bit of stuff from the script (doors, some actors, the above, and other various changes)
Eigen You have (if(Said('look>') instead of (if(Said('look>')). Then remove one ) from the end. And about the death thing. Just add it to to other global said comands.

FastaKilla Thanks, both of you

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