AGI1122 I am planning on getting a new domain and a better host for my site. I need to think of a good domain so far I have come up with these:

Please tell me which ones you like, and if it is not listed please suggest more.
eidolon I like all of them! ;D
But shorter is often better.
AGI1122 Well that does not really help me, I need to pick one since I am going to get a new host and domain.
Andrew_Baker I like
eidolon I
Nailhead I think it's a tie between &

I kinda lean more on It's quick and easy to type and is right to the point.

I'm actually on the verge of buying
sonneveld I had a big issue over picking and I decided that .com and .org didn't mean much these days and picked the one that most people use..  .org seems to be associated with free community but .com just seems to be a general one instead of just commercial

- Nick
AGI1122 I liked the name the best, but it's already taken AGI means something in Spanish. I kind of like the best out of the ones that are available.
AGI1122 I got my host, now to get the domain. This is what I got:

Disk Space and Traffic:
200 MB Disk Space
10,000 MB Monthly data transfer
Unthrottled traffic
Unmetered hits/visitors/pageviews

50 Full-featured email accounts
Accessible from everywhere through web interface
Unlimited autoresponders
Unlimited aliases
Unlimited forwarding
Mailing Lists
Catchall email account

I also get some free CGI scripts and I have PHP4, Perl v5.x, SSI, SSL, and I have my own dedicated IP.
K.J. Isn't "agi" trademarked by Sierria? If so, I suggest against getting a address. The saftest would probably be the

AGI1122 I have already purchased this link won't work at the moment because the DNS needs to be updated. My ip works though. :)

There is nothing there now except a forum which yall won't be able to access since I haven't finished setting it up.
Where did you register your domain at?


Within 24 hours the DNS should be updated and my name should work. I have uploaded my entire site already(excluding a few downloads which I need to edit the .html file so that it will point to the new location of the files) Try the ip address above and my site will be fully functional. I will tell yall once my address is operational. :)
AGI1122 Whoo hooo, is up and running. I have not updated the site yet but that will come shortly once all of the files are uploaded. :)

Also everyone please be sure to change their links to the new address. :)