Quest For Glory II Style Battle System

Pikachu14 Coded completely from scratch in just one evening, The Helmeted Rodent presents for your pummeling pleasure:

The Trial By Fire Inspired Yet Horribly Drawn Because The Author Was Lazy Battle System That Can Be Implemented With Only One File And A Couple Of Views


Things left out from this version that I intend to keep for myself:
- A nice custom-drawn Hero of Spielburg battle sprite, QfG 2 style yet with the original clothes, made from scratch. That's why the characters look like shyte.
- Zero HP checking. I left it out of this version as a challenge.
- Background music.

Remember: I made this, not you. But you're free to use it. style battle
Robin_Gravel Great Pikachu14

Are you making a rpg?

Robin Gravel
AGI1122 Very nice, this gives me some great examples of how to do things for an RPG game's fighting engine.

Should be helpfull when I write my own RPG battle engine for my game.

Great job. :)
Pikachu14 Hey Chris, remember the first time we talked on Messenger? You asked me if the BS I was making back then was anything like Quest for Glory's. That one was never finished, but this one is and it works just like in QfG! ;)

Remember: Zero HP checking is up to you. Feel free to request the full version, though.
AGI1122 I am not that helpless, you act as if I don't know how to program in SCI. ::)
Pikachu14 If you mean the zero hp thingy, that wasn't meant for you but for any other victi- er.... :-\
AGI1122 Hehe. >:D
Pikachu14 Anybody want my Hero sprites?