cloudee1 First of all so far this program is great, once I manage to draw things into proportion, and learn to program but working on it

But here's the problem I am having i am having problems combining multiple instances on one room

I've got all of my look info done
or I've got my control transportation done

whichever comes first in the script is the one it focuses on, can't get it to do both, If it switches rooms right then Look is disabled, or vice versa

I am just not sure how to script it to do both
cloudee1 Oh hey cloudee1 I figured out your problem for you you dumbass see you don't have the brackets right you are actualy closing the command line before the next instance type begins
Pikachu14 We dutch people have a saying for this:

Een schizofreen is nooit alleen.
Brian_Provinciano What are you smoking man!? Talking to yourself in repeating-repeating sentences? lol!

Anyway, if you're working with a room, it executes the first "public" instance as the room instance. That means that if you declare two instances as "public", the first one will be considered the room instance. You should only declare instances "public" when you have reason to.
Pikachu14 He forgot to change his name when he replied to himself! ;D

Then again, cloudee2 would be apparent, stupid and the most logical name to choose. Which he didn't. Shows that much. No offense.
cloudee1 I was smoking I was just smoking some crack but my game my game is fixed now. ;D
Robert Eric Seems like Marijuana to me.