Font Creation?

Anonymous User I find that when I try and use the Font editor part of SCI Studio, it generates parameter errors, and eventually locks up my whole Windows 98 SE System.

Any Ideas?
Brian_Provinciano How and when does it generate the errors? I've used it quite a bit and not come across any.
Anonymous User Actually I just tried using the older SCI Studio 2.1 and it worked fine. I believe the font I was importing was created with this older version anyways. Thanks for the quick reply. ;)
Mr.Money Hi,
I have just encountered the same problem. I downloaded the newest version of SCI Studio I believe (, and was just following the tutorial.
When opening up the default font in the Font editor and scrolling down through the list of characters, I eventually recieve and "incorrect parameter" message, which then locks up the whole program. Can anyone help with this?
Brian_Provinciano I don't get the error, but I'm running XP. It must be one of those WinXP/Win98-ME-95 incompatibilities again. I'll try it out on Win98 again and iron it bug out.