The ultimate Deathlist

rwfromxenon * Falling of a clip
* Being eaten by a monster of some kind
* Drinking / eating poison
* Being killed by some evil (wo)man
* falling in acid,
* losing all your money
* burn to death
* get locked up by the police
* somebody gets too far away from you and you can't reach them
* Crashing with your car
* getting hit by a heavy obstacle
* being humiliated in front of someone
* drowning
* electrocution,
* unsuccesfully making/using a spell
* strangle yourself
* 'pee on the tree'
* Not keeping your breath minty fresh
* go on a killing spree
* Choking on a fly
* having a piano fall on your head
* chickens picking your legs until they're completely gone
* boiling off your skin
* getting glued to a window
* some bug flying in your eye, you become blind, fall of a clip and die
* Getting yourself stuck to ... yourself
* Self - cannbelism
* Heart attack
* Run over by a golf buggy
* papercut
* Reading Latin books
* Being Posessed
* Put in a Taco and eaten by a chihuaua.
* Eating a Red Hot Chilli Pepper
* Taking drugs
* Rolling a joint With gunpowder
* You pee on the tree. What's that wet stuff down your front?
Thank's only blood. Wait a minute!
It looks like you forgot that you were born with your bladder
hooked up to your heart.
* Wear honey then touching a beehive.
* struck by lighting
* teleported to just infront of a swinging axe.
* Opening a gas tank and suffocating.
* Not raising the landing ramp on a ship that you have hijacked.
* walk for too long without sitting down your legs fall off.
* If you swear too much an old lady beats you with a stick.
* You stick your head through a hole and because it's got a
wooden plate it's eaten by termites!
* If you eat too much you explode.
* If you throw up too much (too avoid the above happening)
Your intestines come out.
* A rabid squirrel doesn't like what you're doing to its tree. CRUNCH. OW!
* you don't unplug the radio before taking a bath
* forget to open the garage door before turning on your car
* item lodged in a toaster, and all you have to get it out with is a butter knife
* get your hand caught in the blender
* doused with moth attractant and be smothered by lepidoptera
* reaching into a car trunk and have it accidentally close
* You purchase a rocket from ACME, but that d@#$ed Road-Runner causes
you to collide into a cliff, after which a boulder falls on your head
* You are convicted of spamming and are chained to a rock while vultures
devour your intestines
* You have a low-fiber diet.
* smell pee
* Gas-explosion when you turn on the light
* Space ship falls down from the space killing the player
* An hightide comes and killes....
* It starts raining fridges and one of those falls on your head
* Your boogers riot and start eating the inside of your head
* Drinking one too many pukejuice
* Accidentally stabbing yourself with a turkish helmet
* A William Tell type death
* Being stuck inside a freezer
* Falling in a lake
* Sniffing erasers
* Blowing a rubber until it explodes
* freeing a replicator
Eero R Cool list... :D
Eigen Great list... ;D some are real funny. ;D ;D How long you wrote it? ;)

rwfromxenon I wrote about half of them... they are from an old thread here.
Oliver hehe...They are pretty funny. ;D