My newest game.

Eigen Here's my newest game. Al Pond: On Holiday. Download it from and let me know what you think. It's so called medium-not-very-long lenght game. It should be quite bug free but if you find a bug, please tell me.

Oliver Cool game man ;D
i like it. Just another Tropical game :P
Eero R Good game, and I didn't find any noticeable bugs either... ;D
rwfromxenon Im in it! WOOOOO!
Oliver You are some mad harley guy who protects his sister from Al
Eigen Harley guy?...I don't think so. Maybe some triple-wheel bike but....yes, Allen is in the game, quite a big part BTW.

Oliver Maybe Is Allen just like the Allen in Al Pond
rwfromxenon Hehhehehe
It's not a bad view of me actually :D
Eero R That Al Pond theme is good!
Corby Great game! Your backgrounds are looking pretty darn good! :)