pe1ace I have recently d/led the sci studio
But I keep coming up with errors when I try to compile.
i seem to be pulling up a wrong file or it is not able to read....
the error states as follows

[Error]: unable to open file: for reading!
[Compile]:location etc... \ Failed
I am not a programmer but have a little knowledge.
I read a couple of older articles which touched on compiler probs but mine seems to be coming right from the start and does not seem to be the same.
I would appreciate any assistance.
Brian_Provinciano Many people have problems from not extracting SCI Studio properly. You need to extract it with all the directories intact. You need to make sure that SCI.SH is in either the game's src directory, or the SCISTUDIO\INCLUDE directory.
pe1ace Thanks...I had not expected extraction probs as I had use the latest for of winzip to unzip/extract but it did indeed have a couple of files mis-located. Once I copied and into the games src and the include directory both it worked fine.
Many thanx for all the work you put into this project...I am learning a great deal from the tutorial about even if the game I made were a total bust the effort would still be priceless.
Carl S