AGI to SCI view converter full release

Mokalus_of_Borg I haven't received any bug reports in ages, and I also can't find any more bugs myself, so VEW2VEW is going into full release. All this really means is that I'm removing the 'b' from the end of the version number, and submitting it to the Ultimate AGI & SCI Website for semi-official publication.

Mokalus of Borg

PS - I'd be happy to take feature requests for the next release, too.
PPS - But I'll probably be working on other things more intensely than this.
sonneveld Where is Brian these days?  I know he got a bit discouraged with SCI Studio and then encouraged with the news that it was getting added to a magazine CD but I've hardly herad from him since.

With all the new games coming out.. he needs to catch up and add them to his site :)

- Nick