Useless point-and-click thingy I made

Pikachu14 [glow=red,2,300][/glow]

That is a buttonbar-less implementation of what could have been SCI1 in EGA. I'm not gonna continue development of this for quite obvious reasons.

To add things that respond to being clicked, pretend to use RMBLOOK.SC.
First, add (use "pncint") to your room script, at the top like always.
Then, define your stuff like this:
(instance aKey of LookAtView
view 5
x 50
y 100
parseName "Key" //At the time it seemed the most logical thing to do...
Add a (use "pncint") to MAIN.SC and add "gCurrentVerb" to the big list of variables at the start.

Add the following instance to MAIN.SC:
(instance thePNC of PointAndClickHandler
modifiers 3
Then, find the "handleEvent" method in MAIN.SC and add
(thePNC:handleEvent(pEvent))to it. It would then look like this:
(method (handleEvent pEvent)
   (thePNC:handleEvent(pEvent)) //Handle the Point And Click interface...
   (if((<> (send pEvent:type) evSAID) or (send pEvent:claimed))
Ofcourse, you'll need some cursors too. The walking cursor goes in CURSOR.000 and looking in 001 etc.