Naturette II: daughter of the moon.

Robin_Gravel Hi everyone.

I added screenshots and informations about my upcoming game Naturette II: dauther of the moon.

My site:

I see you later.

Robin Gravel
Zero Wicked.  ;D
Robin_Gravel Naturette II: daughter of the moon is 55% completed.

And I added little adult humors in the game but without xxx scenes.

Expect to see Naturette II in may finished.

Robin Gravel
sonneveld Good luck Robin.  Are you progressing well?  Any difficulties?

Btw, how popular is the french language adventure msgboard that you look after?  Are there many other french speaking agi developers?

- Nick
Robin_Gravel Everything is ok at the moment. If I have any problem I'll let us to know.

Unfortunly, only one or two asked to me how to program agi games. Maybe the french people may not know about agi games.

In Europe in 80s, most people used amstrad or msx computer and I don't know if Sierra was made agi games on theres computers.

In Quebec, only a few of my friends are bough an agi game.
Agi games are available only in english.

I'm lucky I understand few english words and I can play agi
games at this time. My first agi game was Space Quest 2.

I was don't know about "hold breath" was. so I couldn't complete sq2 without this command. I know it only when I bough sq2 walkthrough.

The first french sierra game I saw was Space Quest 4.

58% of Naturette II was completed now and I still working.

Thanks Nick for interesting Naturette II. Serguei's destiny II is next agi game.

Robin Gravel
sonneveld I had an amstrad in the 80's (1512 with cga graphics) and that worked fine with sierra's games..  I think it might be the fact that there weren't any non-english AGI games.

Actually.. I don't know that as a fact.. were there any agi sierra games that weren't in the english language?

How do you figure out that 58% is complete?  I wish I could estimate my projects that well. :)

I wonder if we could get more French speaking agi developers.

- Nick

I had an amstrad in the 80's (1512 with cga graphics) and that worked fine with sierra's games..