Right-Click "Look"

Charles Just one quick question -- I haven`t actually looked too hard for this, but it is just a passing question of mine, so I thought I`d tap the resource of all the knowledgable people on this forum:

With SCI Studio, can you (and how easy is it) to do right-click looking at objects. Similar to was used in QFG1/2. (Also, ctrl-click for get object... QFG2 did that to a very limited extent.)
AGI1122 I did this in a test SCI script I wrote a while back.

Anyway here is the info on it:
Omer Mor I never knew you could Ctrl-Click in QfG2 to get objects! Can you give some more details about that feature? On what objects did it work?
Charles I don`t think it actually worked on many useful objects. About the only thing I know for a fact it recognizes a ctrl-click on in QFG2 is the street lamp outside of EOF. And all it says there is you can`t get that.

Really, I don`t think there are alot of objects in QFG2 that you can get, that are plainly visible on the screen.

The only ones I can think of trying off-hand are the magic lamp after you defeat the fire elemental, the Djinn ring, your equipment after it gets taken.
Omer Mor Cool - I should try that.
How did you learn about this Ctrl-Click combination?
Charles I stumbled across it once while messing around with the QFG2 debug system.
Pikachu14 Lemme guess. You used the Feature Writer and Ctrl-clicking was mentioned in one of it's questions?
Charles That coulda been it. It`s really been a long time since I did it. But that sounds like something I`d go messing around in.
Pikachu14 Don't bother. All it does is poop out an instance definition that you might be able to directly use in SCI Studio if not for a load of unimplemented properties ;D