AGI Studio v1.35 released

Nailhead It's on the site as a 3/22/02 build as the full package (updated help file and source code). Please post any suggestions you may have for the next version in this forum when or if you think of any.

Version 1.35 (3/22/2002)
- Added color syntax settings
- Fixed bugs in the animate view feature
- Added Code Insight
- Added an experimental 'command popup box'
  = While editing a logic, place the cursor after a space or a period and
    press CTRL+SPACE to view all AGI commands
- Added lots of shortcut keys
- Redesigned Splash screen and About screen
- Added "" to the web menu
- Right clicking in the Resource Window now selects an item
- The TAB key is now implemented
eidolon The view bug is back. It seems as if the first loop determines the number of cels for all loops somehow.

eidolon Another idea:
As part of the Code Completion feature, perhaps it could look up words in words.tok too?
Joel I'm not getting any bugs in the view animator. There are some minor bugs with the resource right-clicking. When you right click on a resource, it selects the resource (I like that a lot, by the way) but if the Resources window doesn't have keyboard focus it doesn't get keyboard focus, and also the Preview window isn't updated to reflect the new selection.

In the advanced logic settings, turning off the option "Cursor beyond EOL" doesn't seem to work...I can still go beyond the end of the line with the cursor.

Is there any way to change how far the TAB moves the cursor for the new TAB indenting feature? I like how AGI Studio finally responds to TAB presses, but it moves the cursor in a little too far right now. I'd like it if that were adjustable (and also if there could be an option to insert spaces instead of a tab character when the tab key is pressed).

One last suggestion is updated help that describes AGI Studio's new dialog boxes ("What's This?" help would be even better, but I'd settle for it being accessible the same way regular help is). I'm not entirely sure what all the options do.
AGI1122 I don't know why but when I tried to download it I got a missing page error, I will try to download it again though.
AGI1122 Scratch that it works now, Eric must have reuploaded it with a bug fix or something and I tried to get it when he was doing that.
Nailhead eidolon, how would you suggest that I reproduce this bug? Maybe you could send me the image resource that you are using that causes the problem. I do like your suggestion of including the vocab, it had never occurred to me before.

Joel, your right about the "Cursor beyond EOL", seems to not be working. The TAB character only gets inserted when checking the option "Use TAB Character", when it's not checked, it will insert spaces. In this case maybe it should ONLY insert spaces since I think the compiler will choke if it saw a TAB character. The "Block Indent" SHOULD be updating the number of spaces used when indenting and outdenting although I see now that it's not working. The same goes with the TAB Stops. I'll fix these. I totally agree that this section needs to be added to the Help file, I've been writing these up for Chris to include so expect that for the next version.

If your curious, you can see what I've done so far.
AGI1122 I was wanting to add them to the help file, but was not even shure what most of them do, so far the only one I actually know what does is the gutter numbers and gutter show check box. Well when you get the list what they do finished I will add them.
Joel I just thought of something that would be good for the next release. As a general security measure, I prefer installing the new versions of AGI Studio in separate folders while keeping the old ones on my computer so that I can still use them if I download a new version and the new version has bugs (as with version 1.34). The problem is PicEdit. It seems that AGI Studio only looks in its own directory for the PicEdit executable. I think it would be good if I could specify the location of PicEdit so that I don't have to have an identical copy of PicEdit floating around on my computer for every single version of AGI Studio that's on my computer. It can still look in its own directory by default so that people don't have to manually specify where PicEdit is, but I'd just like to be able to override that.

Also, although it's not like I look at the about box every two seconds or anything, it would be good if there were a way to dismiss it with the keyboard rather than having to click the mouse.

If I am at the beginning of a line in the logic editor and I press the left arrow, is the cursor supposed to go back to the previous line? And is it supposed to go to the next line if I'm at the end of a line and I press the right arrow? If not, I think that behavior should be added.

Just noticed the flat toolbar. I think it looks cleaner. Glad to hear you're working on that help section. Keep up the good work.
Joel One other thing, I noticed that in the logic editor the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+G has been remapped to a "Goto Line" function. The problem is that I frequently use that shortcut to run the game. I don't mind if the "Run Game" shortcut is not Ctrl+G, but can you at least give it another shortcut?
eidolon About the view bug: It can be reproduced but *cough*, first you must start the wrong exe. My apologies! :)
Joel I just noticed something about the syntax highlighting in AGI Studio. It doesn't take into account the odd fact in AGI syntax that /* */ style comments can be nested. It uses the C convention that the comment ends at the first */...that's not true for AGI. I was getting a bizarre compiler error telling me it was expecting a return at the end of the file and it took me a few minutes to realize that I had commented out a big block of code and left the /* stuff in there after taking out the */, so I was accidently commenting out my entire file and didn't know it :o
eidolon It would be nice if the Resource and Preview windows could be set to AlwaysOnTop. I always have to go looking for them when they disappear behind other windows. :)
happyturk Random thought-

Seems that it wouldn't be too hard to enable multiple selections in the resource window via shift-click or shift-arrow. Make it hella easier to delete more than one resource at a time. Not that common an issue, but again, random thought.

And I finally just went and signed up, figured I oughta if I was gonna be pestering ya'll with dumb questions all the time.