SCI webring

Robin_Gravel Sci webring is gone?
SCI webring:;list

And AGI webring, the ringmaster was changed to Nick Sonneveld?

Robin Gravel
sonneveld It was abandoned..  RDT used to be the ringmaster but when I checked it a few weeks ago, it said nobody owned it.  Somebody added a non-agi site and so after a few emails I managed to get as ringmaster person.

I'm working on getting an actual webring page up on my site and then I'll try and get some more people to join it.

- Nick
AGI1122 Yeah I noticed you where trying to get someone the be the owner of it.

Also I noticed that under mailing list there is nothing really listed except some Sarien dev thing. What is a mailing list generally used for?
sonneveld sorry, maybe I should have a mailing list description as well.  It's basically a list of users on a mail server.  Whenever you send an email to a certain address it "blind carbon copies" it and sends it to all the other users on the list.

- Nick
AGI1122 Hmmm, does AGI need a maling list?
sonneveld Well, I'm not suggesting one.. just pointing people in the direction of Sarien's for techie discussion

- Nick
Brian Provinciano There were five or so sites on the SCI Web Ring, three being mine, hehe. When Yahoo bought them or something, they kept making a load of changes and making you reregister as a yahoo member and all sorts of stuff. I went through all the hoops, but there were still some problems. There honestly aren't enough dedicated SCI sites for one.

Maybe when SCI Studio 2.0 Final is out and open sourced (major hint hint) things will pick up (fingers crossed).
AGI1122 Yay, SCI Studio I can't wait to use it(minus all the bugs of the current release of course). I think I might try my hands at making a SCI games once you release it. This is really good news. :)