XFan2003 This is kind of a dumb question, but whats the difference between EGA games and VGA games. for intance the capabilities and the advantages.

Eero R More colors, bigger resolution, VGA games also were point'n'click games while EGA games were parser-based...
Brian_Provinciano You can look at games like Leisure Suit Larry 2/3 and then Leisure Suit Larry 1 VGA/5/6 to compare capabilities. However, the only true capability differences are sound and graphics, since the whole interface (other than the text parser) is entirely written in the scripts and no part of the interpreter. This means that you could have a point and click interface 100% identical to the one in LSL1VGA/5/6 in an EGA interpreter. You could also create a SCUMM (Monkey Island, etc.) interface, or any other interface you desire. It just involved modifying the scripts.
Robert Eric Actually Eero, the screen resolution in both SCI0 and SCI1 were the same (320x200). The later ones that came in windows like Leisure Suit Larry 6 were of a higher resolution.
XFan2003 Cool, i cant wait till SCI VGA comes i still cant quite get the hang of this one yet.

Eero R Actually Robert, SCI1 used VGA to show 320x200 pictures.
Robert Eric SCI0 had a 320x200 resolution too.
Eero R Yeah, SCI0 used EGA and SCI1 used VGA to show the same 320x200 pictures...
Robert Eric You lost me.
Brian_Provinciano Some EGA games are SCI 0.x, some EGA games are SCI 1.x, some EGA games allow simple MIDI type music, some allow more complex sounds, some VGA games are SCI 1.x, some VGA games are SCI 1.1x, etc.

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