rm.002 failed to compile

Instance Hi. I am just starting this and I made a room and door and got it to work. I made a 2nd room and did the script thing, but the room 002 file says

[error]: Unable to open vocab.000 for reading!

so if I try to play the game and enter room 2 it says

script.002 not found

Can anyone please help?
XFan2003 I havent gotten to that point because i had to start over in SCI 3.01 I had the same prob. you did in SCI 3.00, Brian fixed that in the newest version. Download 3.01 and it should work fine.

Instance I have 3.01, but when I installed, I didn't delete the other stuff, I just extracted and replaced all.
Instance should I move my game folder somewhere else, then delete everything, then re-install sci studio 3.01? then move it back to the folder?
Brian_Provinciano Execute the script editor by double clicking on a script in the explorer then create the new script (room 2), rather than clicking on the "Script" editor icon on the main toolbar then creating the new script.

SS 3.00-3.01 treats the Script editor executed by clicking on the "Script" editor icon on the main toolbar as a stand alone editor for lose files, where as the Script Editor executed from within the explorer is an editor for the game's scripts.

I will change it for 3.02 so that clicking on the icon while a game is open treats it as an editor for the game's scripts as well.
Instance Thanks
Instance Ok, this may be a stupid question but I made a new room, and new script for it. I put it as east of the first room, then I took script 1 and made room 1 west of this room. The character will walk to the right room, but he can't go back to the left room. Can anyone help?
Eigen Open User.sc and scroll down to

(method (doit)
      (if(<= x 3)
       = edgeHit EDGE_LEFT
         (if(<= y (send gRoom:horizon))
          = edgeHit EDGE_TOP
            (if(>= x 316)
             = edgeHit EDGE_RIGHT
             (if(>= y 186)
                = edgeHit EDGE_BOTTOM
                = edgeHit EDGE_NONE

and check is it like this. If not change it. Or maybe you have some control line on the edge.

Instance Thanks. I had it where the numbers were
instead of
Wilco23 Hang on a second, I thought that we are supposed to use control lines to change from room to room? Or do we use this edgeHit command? Or perhaps:
East 2
West 3
North 4
South 5
Oh gawd, now I've just confused myself. Perhaps just ignore me if I'm not making sense, it's friday afternoon and my brain has stopped working all together. :P ??? :P
beyond infinity it can't have stopped work, your brain, cuz given that case, you won't have been able to write this stuff, wilco *gg*