smartguy240 Are all of these things abandoned? I havent seen ANY updates on ANY of the pages for a REALLY long time!!!

There are all kinds of questions and rumors going around...but i am going to flat out ask what is the deal? Where is Nailhead and (Jokain Moeller ???) and the other guys making this stuff?
Robert Eric Maybe they are just waiting until they are completely finished before updating and uploading in order to surprise us?
sonneveld Nailhead is busy as far as I know.. and would probably love to work on AGI Studio as long as he had the time. You have to remember that people are doing this in their SPARE time.

That said, Joakim 'n I are working on some agi dev tools, but it might take a bit of a while since he's got work and I've got uni to worry about.

Don't worry though.. updates will be made.

- Nick
Eero R Yeah, I wonder why is 1.38 already 6 months in beta status...