LSL2 debug mode

Eero R My copy of LSL2 has debug mode enabled by default...
When you hold down Control and click somewhere with mouse, you will move there instantly, when holding Shift and clicking the mouse, game shows the coordinates...
Robert Eric Did you buy it or download it?
Eero R I bought it.
EDIT: I almost never download any games, only those what you really can't get from anywhere...
HwM Is it activated by default, or do you use the universal telephone number (2407 or something) to pass the copy-protection?

Anyway, these should work too:

Teleport: <TP>, <(ROOM #)>
Get object: <GET #>
Lose object: <PITCH #>
Writes note.log (writes everything you type): <MAKE NOTE>
Show Time: <SHOW TIMER>
Show Grid: <SHOW GRID>
Coordinates of ego: <SHOW EGO>
List Options: <HELP ME>
Show control: (ALT+C)
Show Fragmenting: (ALT+F)
Show Memory: (ALT+M)
Show Priority: (ALT+P)
Show Room Number: (ALT+R)
Regains typing during movies: (ALT+I)
Exit: (ALT+Z)
Eero R Activated by default and I'm not using universal telephone number (that means I'm looking into manual...). Ok, I will try the others too...
Omer Mor HWM - do you have that special version too?
HwM I haven't got the version that enables the debug-mode by default; I do have a version that includes the debug-mode (enable by entering 0724 at the phone number screen)...
Eigen I don't have that version with debug-mode by default but with included debug-mode. I have version 1.002.000.

mr-t I have a really old version (one that the universal phone number won't work on)so I'll try this.