SCI Studio 3.01 Released

Brian_Provinciano Here you go. Enjoy!
Eigen Thanks Brian! I really missed those script editor shortcut keys. ;D

Eero R Great update... ;D Thanks!
df i was just about to file a bug with 3.00 :) havnt got 3.01 yet.

in views, selecting 'details' gives me big-icon mode... and i cant get back to details mode...

Brian_Provinciano Eigen: Thanks!
df: didn't notice that. I'll have it corrected for 3.02. I always changed my view by clicking on the button rather than using the drop down, which does in fact, go through all four views.
juncmodule Wow! SCI Studio is just blazing ahead! This is great Brian. A decompiler...oh, how sweet that will be. It's really great to see this massive push forward in SCI Studio.

Just a note, one thing remains that can make SCI Studio perfect. Although I became very used to using the SCI PIC editor, I see the inability to import straight bitmap/pcx images into SCI Studio as the one and only weak point. I know this has been said a million times and it always received with verbal beatings :P...but, then was asking for a decompiler ;D.

Didn't someone make or attempt to make a converter?

Anyway, the new version looks amazing. Keep up the great work. Oh, and thanks for the credit in the about thingy, much appreciated. All of this new stuff has deffinately made that a worth while investment.

Brian_Provinciano The decompiler is a huge amount of work to get it accurate and because it takes so long to do, I wanted to get SCI Studio EGA working perfectly before working on it, as it could have taken the same amount to time to do SCI Studio 3 as it would have to make a single decompiler. That being the case, it was better use of my time to get a perfect Game Studio rather than a simple decompiler.

I never said it was impossible, I just said it was too much work and I had more important things to spend my time on. Now that I have SCI Studio 3 pretty much perfect, I can do it (ie. I have the time).

I did a small SCI pic converter a while back, but it was very inefficient and I don't suggest using it. It is, of course, possible to do an efficient converter, as Noptec Vector is excellent for AGI. However, I have no plans on doing one, because if people want to import pictures, they're FAR way better off waiting for SCI Studio VGA. EGA games would look terrible with converted pictures anyways. It would defeat their distinctive look and style.

Yeah, no problem :) Yeah, I list _all_ of those who have donated in the about dialog to thank them. ("all", yeah, LMAO! that's all of them, though they have been very generous, thanks donators! It's greatly appreciated!).
juncmodule By chance do you know why more people are not trying to develop for SCI Studio? I know there is SoundBox(I think that is what it is called). Other than that, is there anything else? The thing is, I understand completely why you don't want to do the picture converter and why it has taken so long for the decompiler. The saddest thing is it seems that you are the only person working on things. AGI seemed to have so many tools by so many people. Maybe it only looks that way in retrospect. I wish I could contribute in a more programming oriented way. Don't take my comment as a serious request. When I say newbie friendly perhaps I should say that it is more of a attention grabber. You have made the PIC editor very easy to use if anyone has the drive to make a game, the tools are sufficient. Like I said, I'm happy with the direction SCI Studio is going. I'm also suprised that more people don't donate. There are so many programmers out there that are under appreciated.

Brian_Provinciano SCI Studio is progressing along well, and if I wasn't stopping along the way to make the decompiler, I could have the full VGA version done in a few weeks.

I really think the fast progress is the result of me being the only developer for SCI Studio. Because I planned it out to fit me perfectly, it's very easy for me to expand upon it. I can add any aspect I want, anytime I want, in any order I want. I need not worry about others modifying the same piece of code to work differently, and then having to rearrange my own stuff to accomodate it, etc. I am an incredibly fast coder now. I've been working so hard, such as rushing to have SS3 finished for the show, that it's FAR easier for me to write a bit of pseudo code and do a little planning, then burn my keyboard with my fingers than try to organize a group thing. I'm very dedicated, and very passonate about my projects, that I like to finish them as quickly as possible because I have loads of more projects that I'm excited to do as well (after finishing the current project).

Group projects on the other hand (with exeptions such as FreeSCI, of course!), very rarely get far along because many people join who just want to get their name in the authorship. Most people aren't usually dedicated, or if there are dedicated people, there are usually far more members doing nothing. The group projects often end up having more planning than necessary due to the fact than many people don't know where to start and it's difficult to organize everyone.

Certain things couldn't get done without group effort, such as a main stream OS, main stream web browser with all it's own up to date HTML/Java, parsing, etc. Other things like homebrew freeware on the otherhand, is much easier to do alone.

I made dozens of little AGI utilities and stuff for things here and there, and that was because I wasn't the author of AGI Studio. Now that I am the author of SCI Studio, all of the little utilities (version detectors, editors, compiler, help system, etc.) is all integrated. Other people don't need to make any other tools, because they can just email me (and do), and I add the feature to the all in one studio! Of course, we still need SCI Studio VGA, and then tools for the rest of the versions up to SCI32. However, and here's the biggie, it's only a matter of time. I have the VGA template done. I have the SCI1 compiler done. All I really need to do it modify the graphics editors to support the new file formats and the resource package handlers. It will be easy to do, and is just a matter of time. Every day it's closer to a release. I already did quick and dirty editors for all the VGA resources (view,pic,font,cursor,palette) a long time ago, so that being the case, (re)implementing them will be about 1/5th the effort!

So, SCI Studio will support all SCI versions eventually, and be an all in one program with version detection. There won't be an "SCI Studio EGA" and an "SCI Studio VGA", it's just going to be "SCI Studio" with support for EGA and VGA, and evenually, SVGA. Oh yeah, and I'll add sound support eventually too ;)
Omer Mor Brian - your work is outstanding. Are you sure you're not actually a coedname for a company with 100 coders? ;)
BTW - you mentioned FreeSCI as a group project going well. I wanted to mention ScummVM as another one. It's progress is amazing, and it work realy well.
If any of you haven't checked it out already - go and see for yourself:

Brian_Provinciano Heh. I wish I worked for a company with 100 coders.

Yeah, I've been aware of ScummVM for quite a while. It's remarkable!
Omer Mor Maybe your next big project would be a SCUMM Studio? ;)
I know there's been an attempt at making one, but I think it didn't progress too much (I think it's called Scumm IDE).
There is ScummRev which lets you view most of the SCUMM resources, but you can't make a game with it.
Brian_Provinciano I was actually planning on it, but want to finish SCI Studio first.
Omer Mor We *ALL* want you to finish SCI studio first!
but taking SCUMM next would be incredible. I'm glad you thought of it... maybe you could combine forces with serge who is/was the main force behind scumm hacking.
Eero R Serge already makes program for editing and creating SCUMM games...